Five reasons you and your latest plant purchase might not last the distance…

Can we all take a moment to admit that there are certain plants we purchase with the acknowledgement that our time together will quite possibly be short-lived?

There’s no need to be ashamed. It isn’t any different to the cushions that you may have on the couch for a season, at least a plant can be returned to the earth. Realistically, you should be commending yourself on your environmentally friendly decorating choices. Here are the top five reasons you can safely admit you might be buying a plant that will have a limited life span.

Reason number one – The plant you love today won’t stay small forever!

We all know the typical line our parents fed us as a kid about having a pet, ‘they’re cute now, but don’t forget they will grow up and you still need to take care of them’. Plants aren’t any different. Your Monstera with its cute three leaves that you have doted on for several weeks now will continue to unfurl those leaves. Eventually, you are left with a beautiful beast of aerial roots, stems and leaves the size of your face. If you were after a small plant, in a designer ceramic, that is to spend its days on your shelfie, then you and your Monstera’s friendship is going to have limits.

Reason number two – You’re ambitious.

Certain plant varieties are described by a list of key facts that are then followed with a muttering of expletives by honest plant owners. These can be some of the most beautiful plants. We have all done it, brought a variegated plant, or one we knew was a step above what we are possibly capable of caring for. There is nothing wrong with it. How else are you going to level up in this plant game? Ash certainly can’t catch the same easy Pokemon forever to become a world-class Pokemon trainer. Neither can you on your journey to becoming a green-fingered goddess or god. But that’s not to say it will always be easy.

Reason number three – You’re not ambitious, you’re determined.

When you scroll through your social media feed, you will often find a thread where several plant enthusiasts openly admit they buy the same plant determined to have it survive their company and love. If you fit this category, you are an absolute legend. There is nothing more satisfying than working out how to make a plant survive in your home and working out their sweet spot. However, until this happens, you are happily taking home your latest victim.

Reason number four – You know you. When the going gets tough, your plants get going.

Owning a plant requires you to take care of them, water them, clean them, and re-pot them. When life gets busy, we prioritise, and sometimes our plants take a back seat to everything else that is happening. That doesn’t mean we like our plants any less. However, it does mean a trip to your favourite plant store will be required so that you can find a suitable stunt double, which you will love endlessly until life gets busy again.

Reason number five – Once you start, you just can’t stop!

Like a majestic Disney movie, as you venture further into the world of house plants, it’s like ‘a whole new world’ (yeah, you sang it). What caught your eye the first time you set foot into a plant store, and what might steal your heart the next time will change. The selection of plants you can choose from is only getting better, and the beautiful ceramics to complement all that delicious green goodness is constantly evolving. Your plant journey will see you bring in new favourites and a few older plants will need to exit left. Especially if your partner isn’t keen on the full-blown indoor jungle look.

All of these categories are normal. Life happens, our tastes change, we learn with our plants, we grow with them. We welcome them into our homes, and not every one of them will survive our company. The circle of life is a natural path of plant parenting, and the rewards far outweigh the losses. So remember, if possible, buy your plants with intent. Consider where you might move your plant if it grows big, or gift plants that no longer give you joy.  Minimally, have the perfect spot to hide the casualties of those less successful moments and your plant dealer ready and waiting.