Peperomia Prostrata String of Turtles

The Peperomia Prostrata, also know as String of Turtles, is a very popular indoor plant due to its unique leaves pattern that resembles the shell of a turtle. It is a slow-growing plant, that trails and reaches maturity in three to four years.

Peperomia Prostrata Plant Care


The Peperomia String of Turtles is an indoor pot plant and prefers warmer temperatures, but it can tolerate cooler conditions as well. Ideal temperatures range between 12-26°C.


The String of Turtles enjoys bright, indirect light. It does not tolerate full bright sun as the leaves will get scorched. Make sure you rotate your plant to ensure it’s getting an even amount of light so it grows consistently on all sides.


Let the top part of the soil dry out entirely before thoroughly watering. It doesn’t like to be overwatered or sit too wet.


The Peperomia String of Turtles has a small root system and does not need to be re-potted often. If the plant begins to look out of shape you can pinch any leggy stems to create a more compact and bushy plant.


Feed with a liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season.


Not toxic, safe to have around children and pets.


Any well-draining, nutrient rich mix is ideal.

Potential Problems


Sudden Leaf Drop:

Will often be caused by a sudden change in temperature or overwatering. The latter you will be able to tell if the soil is very wet. They do not like to be touched too much, best is to keep the plant in its happy spot and not move it around too often.