Peperomia Marmorata

The Peperomia Marmorata is a tropical plant, native to Brazil. Also known as the Silver Heart, the Marmorata has beautiful heart-shaped, pointed leaves. It is easily recognizable by its deep vein leaves of green and silvery tones, with a sandpapery texture. It makes the perfect table-top plant, as it stays compact and bushy and only grows to be about 6-8 inches tall.

Common Names: Peperomia Silver Heart.

Peperomia Marmorata Plant Care


As the Peperomia Marmorata thrives best in warm, humid environments. It’s best to keep your plant between 15-26 degrees, but can tolerate cooler temperatures as well.


Peperomia Marmorata is fairly drought tolerant. Their fleshy, succulent-like leaves store moisture so it’s definitely best to let the soil dry out before watering again. A top tip to see if your plant is thirsty is to check the thickness of the leaves. If they still feel thick and sturdy, your plant is fine. But if the leaves feel thin and flimsy, it’s time for a drink.


Your Peperomia will do best in low to medium indirect light. Plenty of indirect light will ensure the variegated leaves keep their ‘frost-like’ appearance. We suggest rotating your plant to ensure all sides get consistent sunlight. This will help it grow relatively symmetrically.


Fertilize your Peperomia Marmorata in the spring and summer months using an all-purpose liquid food with added calcium. This helps keep the beautiful smooth, round shape of the leaves.


Any well-draining, nutrient rich mix is ideal. If your potting mix isn’t well-aerated, you can add things like pumice and orchid bark to assist in drainage.


The Marmorata is a low maintenance plant. As the leaves can get quite large, wipe them down every so often with a damp cloth to rid the plant of any dust that may have accumulated.


Peperomia Marmorata is toxic to pets and children.

Potential Problems

Root Rot:

It can be quite tricky to bring a Peperomia back from root rot so it’s best to keep your plant in a well-draining mix and let it dry almost completely before watering again.