Peperomia Hope

Peperomia Hope comes from Central and South America and prefers high levels of water and humidity. Unlike other Peperomia varieties, Peperomia Hope is a trailing plant.  Its thick foliage grows on a long trailing vine, and is coin shaped and bright green with faint light green stripes. Like other trailing vines, it can be trained up a coir pole, across ceilings, or around stair rails. The young vines will first grow upwards, then will begin to trail.

Peperomia Hope is considered a good luck plant due to its coin shaped leaves, making it a great plant for gifting. Easy to look after, this plant is very popular for the houseplant beginners!   

Peperomia Hope Plant Care


The Peperomia Hope is an indoor pot plant and prefers warmer temperatures. It won’t like temperatures lower than 10°C. Ideal temperatures range between 16-26°C.


Peperomia Hope enjoys bright, indirect light. Placing potted Peperomia ‘Hope’ plants in indirect sunlight ensures compact, healthy growth. 


Let the top part of the soil dry out entirely before thoroughly watering. It doesn’t like to be overwatered or sit too wet.


The Peperomia Hope has a small root system and does not need to be re-potted often. If the plant begins to look out of shape you can pinch any leggy stems to create a more compact and bushy plant.


Feed with a liquid fertilizer throughout the growing season.


Not toxic, safe to have around children and pets.


Any well-draining, nutrient rich mix is ideal. Extra nutrients can encourage faster growth and fuller foliage.

Potential Problems


Root Rot:

It can be quite tricky to bring a Peperomia back from root rot so it’s best to keep your plant in a well-draining mix and let it dry almost completely before watering again.