Philodendron Imperial Green

The air purifying Philodendron Imperial Green is a plant that takes you on a journey from an enjoyable delicate small grade plant through to the mature statement piece for your home.

The small grade Imperial Green begins with long light-green oval leaves and looks quite compact with its growth within the pot, as the plant develops the smaller leaves at the base of the plant fall away to expose a sturdy stem. The stem system lengthens and grows to ultimately support large lush lime-green rounded leaves that create a jungle feel complementary to any home setting.

While the cultivar origin is unknown for this plant, the Philodendron family of plants are traditionally tropical rain-forest dwellers. When we place these plants into our homes it is always good to consider the conditions that the plant once thrived in to help pick the perfect spot. This plant would be found on the ground which is why it will tolerate partial shade. It would want be warm like our home environment and it would be moist so the occasional spritz of water would be welcome. It is a moderate to fast growing plant which will ultimately reaches a height of approx. 90-120cm so a spot in your home which allows for space to grow is also a must.   

Philodendron Imperial Green Plant Care


The Philodendron Imperial Green is happy in your regular household conditions of around 18-28 ˚C. It will tolerate a lowest temperature of around 12˚C for short periods of time. Avoid placing this plant in locations of cold draughts.


Prefers moderate to bright, indirect light. Will tolerate a shadier location. Does not like direct sunlight.


Likes moist soil. Not too wet and not too dry. Water regularly but allow the soil to partly dry out before watering again. The roots do not like to be left wet so ensure that your pot has good drainage.


The Philodendron Imperial Green prefers a rich bark/peat based soil which is not too heavy. It needs to be able to retain moisture, but not hold water.


Use a balanced liquid fertiliser during the spring and summer growth period.


Philodendron Imperial Green is toxic. Keep out of reach of animals and children


The Philodendron Imperial Green needs clean leaves to photosynthesies in order to feed itself. Regularly wipe your plants leaves with a damp soft cloth or give it a full shower every now and again to remove any dust that has accumulated. This will ensure you will have a healthy pest free plant.

Potential Problems

Mealy Bugs: The Philodendron Imperial Green is not typically prone to pests or diseases. However, you may encounter mealybugs and aphids. Mealybugs can be dealt with by dipping cotton buds into rubbing alcohol and wiping the mealybugs.

Leaf Discolouration: You may notice yellow patches on the leaves of your plant. This can develop due to a change in temperature or environment.