About Us

Van Lier Nurseries are the proud owners of the Lifestyle Botanics brand. With three generations of experience, spanning over a fifty year period, there is a wealth of knowledge applied to the Lifestyle Botanics range. As a company, quality is a paramount attribute we strive for through our products. Lifestyle Botanics produces lush, flourishing, quality plants that are bound to spark joy for any owner.  

The Lifestyle Botanics range is selected with your home and office in mind. We believe to grow the best plants, we need to stay in line with the latest trends. Each year we invest in a venture to Holland where we are inspired by new plants, technology and growing techniques. This new information is then merged with our knowledge of the New Zealand environment and internal trends, and applied within our business. This ensures that we are able to bring you healthy, stylish, plants that we believe are a perfect fit.

Our Nursery

The Lifestyle Botanics range is based in Riverhead, Auckland. Here, we have a purpose built propagation house, fitted with state of the art equipment sourced to create the ideal growing environment. This gives Lifestyle Botanic plants the best start in life. The range of plants on offer alters as we trial and release new varieties, giving you the latest plants to add to your collection.

Why plants are important to us

With research indicating that indoor plants have many health benefits to offer, we think every person should have a great experience through their plant purchase. We want people to love their space and enjoy the living element indoor plants create. If we are able to help someone feel the delight of plants in their lives, then we have shared something special.

If you have any questions about the Lifestyle Botanics range please feel free to ask our knowledgeable suppliers, otherwise you may find the information under our blog articles, or plant overviews.  Lastly, feel free to talk to us directly through our social media channels. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and keep an eye out for our latest additions.